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Zonda is a real-time engineering support tool for control centres and depots, which takes in live OTMR (black box) data from Grinsty Rail and displays a visualisation of each trains’ data with rules-based alerts, so that faults while trains are in service can be quickly identified and resolved. 

Zonda was developed as an initiative to replace an existing solution that was deployed by Stagecoach into SWT. Built on cloud technology, Zonda reduced the price SWR were paying whilst also enabling all data collected to be retained for future use.

Users are able to construct their own business rules on any of the 50 data channels that being streamed from each SWR train in real-time, enabling alerts to be identified when the threshold for that data is exceeded. We are currently exploring ways to use this data for monitoring driving behaviour.

The solution has been developed by the user community that now includes historical dashboards that enables driver / fleet / unit/ location performance to be analysed within the application.

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