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Sarma is the Mistral Data stock resource allocation system. Sarma is a modern cloud based platform, which receives updates from diagram systems in real-time.

Using Sarma, allocations can be updated quickly via the web-based user interface with changes validated and immediately pushed out in real-time to control centres, staff and other systems. Dashboards flag the status of processes, and where there are gaps to be filled.

Sarma uses the latest fleet data, and enables allocations to diagrams, VSTP and manual legging – through a highly performant web interface, designed around operator business processes.

Sarma provides rich analytics, enabling users to flexibly navigate through screens to enable allocations to be made quickly and accurately – as well as viewing and extracting history.


Sarma interfaces with mainframe industry systems, ensuring compliance and mileage alignment.

Exchanges with engineering systems keep mileages as well as defect and exam statuses aligned, eliminating manual rekeying and improving data quality. 

Integration with the Mistral Data ecosystem ensures relevant information is provided to customer channels including CIS, Customer App and websites.

Data is also shared with other Mistral Data applications such as Sirocco and the Solano staff app. 

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