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A Revenue Management System designed specifically for the needs of both London centric and regional routes, it sets the price for advance purchase tickets to maximise revenue obtained from the available capacity whilst limiting overcrowding on busy segments.

Ventoux is fully integrated with RARS2/S3 Reservations and provides:

  • A forecasting engine, generating multiple forecasts based on different algorithms. The accuracy of each forecast is measured and fed back into the forecasting and optimisation algorithms
  • An optimiser acting at the origin/destination which sets limits for each price point based on capacity, forecast walkup, actual and forecast bookings, actual and forecast revenue, competitor pricing and other factors
  • A user interface with powerful graphing and charting functionality for analysis of actuals, forecasts and optimiser results.
  • Integration with the Mistral Data Snowflake Business Intelligence database for accessing non-Ventoux data sources

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