Denali provides a single view of how your customers interact with you. Every time a customer has a digital interaction, a record is created – a registration, a contact, a purchase. At times all these interactions can be stored in separate systems with no integration and no capability to create a complete view of your customers engagement with you.

Denali takes information from any source, any customer touchpoint, like web, apps, contact centres and consent management tools and runs a matching algorithm against all held records, to provide a unified, single view of customers.

This single view can then be used to inform other systems like direct marketing tools and analytics or enable capabilities like forecasting and fraud detection, whilst ensuring data privacy is at the forefront of all your interactions.

Maintaining accurate and up to date information about customers ensures that communications can be highly targeted and personalised, which in turn improves the quality and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Denali is the hub of all customer interactions. It provides a picture of your relationship with your customers, so you can provide value, knowing their history and preferences.


  • 24x7 managed solution
  • Cloud based, secure, highly resilient and auto-scalable
  • Supports real time data exchange both up and downstream
  • Single source of consolidated customer data is made available to downstream systems, like CRM
  • Customisable business rules for matching algorithm
  • Consent management

Customer Message Orchestration

Using Mistral and Denali for operational and customer datasets, Customer Message Orchestration provides the ability to send targeted messaging (via SMS, email or push), based on customisable business rules for planned and unplanned operational events, like cancellations, platform or timetable changes.

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