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Low adhesion between train and rail head results in WSP (wheel-slip and wheel-slide) events, effecting braking and potentially causing station overruns, SPADs and other incidents. While serious incidents are reported by drivers to signalboxes, this information is not available in real time to other staff.

Notus makes use of data supplied to Zonda, our real-time engineering support tool, which takes in live OTMR (black box) data from Grinstry Rail which includes braking, traction and WSP (wheel-slip/wheel-slide) data alongside GPS location and speed.

Notus displays WSP events on a Google Map view. This allows controllers, the Network Rail seasonal desk and train drivers to monitor WSP events in real-time on a Google Map view. Clusters of events highlight current areas of low adhesion risk while a historical dashboard allows data to be used during investigations into safely related incidents.

Future development includes the processing of real-time sanding data when it becomes available from the on-board systems.

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