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Kamet is a versatile cloud based messaging application that can be used by marketing teams to send targeted communications over multiple channels, to their customers.

Kamet ingests data made available from various Customer digital channels and enables pre-determined and ad-hoc digital marketing campaigns to be sent. Campaigns can include marketing messages based on customer’s attributes, behaviours and activities, real-time train running messages including notification of cancelled or disrupted trains or market research.

Communications can be sent using your chosen digital channels such as Email, Push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp and social media.

It enables you to send the right message to the right customer at the right time over the right channels.

Key features

  • Create and design email templates using a template builder. Emails can be built from scratch using a user friendly web based UI, or the HTML/CSS Editor
  • Provides a device responsive email template that can be populated with personalised customer details including ticket information based on the campaign identified
  • Create messaging campaigns that sends tailored messages on a schedule defined by the Customer. Enable real time, event triggered or scheduled campaigns to be sent
  • Integrates with custom Segmentation models based on the customer’s purchase, travel or email engagement behaviour for targeted direct marketing
  • Ability to integrate with websites and apps for real-time event triggered messaging
  • Ability to integrate with machine learning models to provide recommendations on marketing emails
  • Integrates with your own customer database or with Denali, Mistral Data's single view of customer transactions
  • Provides a reporting capability using AWS QuickSight or your own preferred reporting tool such as Power BI, to analyse the effectiveness of each campaign e.g. number of messages sent/opened/clicked on
  • Integrated permissions and preference centre to ensure the latest customer opt-ins are captured in real time and to manage updates to permissions and unsubscribes to protect customer privacy
  • Ensures marketing messages are only distributed to those customers who have opted in
  • Provides an opt-out capability for customers to opt out of marketing, service messages and update preferences
  • Provides a 24x7 secure, hosted and monitored environment with a ring fenced platform for the Customer’s owned data. This includes the monitoring of data interfaces availability and raising and management of an incident in the event an interface is unavailable

How can I use Kamet?

As a customer, I would like to receive a push notification if my booked rail journey is disrupted on the day of travel, so that I can adjust my plans accordingly.

As a Marketing Manager, I would like to identify my high value customers, invite them to join our Loyalty scheme and email them an offer code for an upgrade as a thank you.

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