Transform staff communication with Papagayo 22.08.23

Whenever disruption occurs, the ability to share accurate information to impacted staff quickly, is paramount. Instead of needing to invest time to identify crew and calling each person individually, Papagayo ensures consistent, timely and targeted messaging to any staff, at scale.

To send a message, users define the audience, timing window and message content. Messages can be sent to specific crew, or more broadly to crew based on certain services, at stations, depots, calling points or linked to on-the-day passenger assistance requirements.

Once a message has been drafted and submitted, a notification is delivered to staff via a mobile app, like Solano. Each message can be tailored to identify if an action is required by the recipient – either acknowledging receipt, or if task based, confirming completion. Once sent, all messages (and recipient actions) can be viewed and monitored from a dashboard.

Ensuring that messages are received only when they are relevant, Papagayo manages distribution by holding and releasing messages based on crew schedules.

If a crew member is on duty, and the message is specific to a service currently running, the message is sent immediately. If a staff member has not yet started their shift, the message will be delivered one hour prior to their shift starting. Similarly, if a staff member is on shift but the message is not relevant until later in the day, Papagayo holds the message until one hour prior to the issue window.

In addition to the manually generated messaging, Papagayo also facilitates automated messages, reminding on train staff to carry out and record passenger counts or reasons for delay which are reported back to control in real-time to help understand where issues are arising on the network, or notify part and full cancellations to a service.

Further use cases and message templates have been rolled out to continually improve Papagayo, increasing the flow of information between staff, maximising information sharing and minimising the effort to share it widely.


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