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Send and receive data to and from the train in real time, to update staff and customers

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Help your control and rostering teams make better on the day decisions, recovering to plan quicker

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Connecting both your front line and control staff with your data wherever they are

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Revenue management tool to maximise sales and manage pricing on services

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About us

Mistral Data’s aim is to develop data driven software services, that can help our customers improve the services they in turn offer to their customers.

Although founded in 2021, we have been developing data driven software solutions to the UK Rail Industry for over 12 years as part of FirstGroup, resulting in a wealth of experience in understanding UK Rail Industry data and the opportunities this data offers.

Our focus is on the ingest; integration; visualisation and analysis of different data sources using cloud native technology to provide a data driven insight to business challenges.

We have started in the UK Rail industry where there is a huge amount of data continuously collected in different systems and used for single purposes at both industry and Train Operating Level. 

Our approach is to build our solutions using native cloud services provided by Amazon Web Services and Snowflake. We typically build Software as a Service (SaaS) type solutions, which means we are responsible for the 24×7 management, resilience and performance of these services, together with ensuing your data is secure and only accessible to those people who should have access to it. 

Innovation is at the core of our team ethos as we look to deliver new services and solutions that can quickly demonstrate whether the opportunity is real or not, and then look to deploy at scale if the business challenge is proven.

Our vision and values reflect our team’s approach, with a team of 20 now devoted to the support and development of these Software Services.

Our customers

  • AWC
  • SWR
  • GWR
  • Lumo
  • TPE
  • Hull

Our vision and values

Our vision

Our vision

Moving forward with better data



To provide a flexible; adaptable and enjoyable working environment where ideas can flourish and where our customers will want to come back for more.



To design, develop and deliver optimal data driven solutions for our customers, by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and without limits.



To provide a one-stop shop of data services that unlock opportunities for customers to help explore data to build more insights for better decision making.



To lead by example and fully integrate environmentally conscious sustainable thinking into the services we provide that are second nature to us, not an optional extra and encourage partners and customers to follow suit.