It's the strategic operational master system, integrating stock and crew allocation with train running in real-time including formation and orientation.

It enables the transfer and management of data between on-train (e.g. Seat Reservation Systems and Automatic Passenger Counts) and back office / customer facing systems (e.g. to website / Customer / Staff apps). Mistral drives several other systems and has no front-end application with no users logging on.

Its a real-time data integration platform, which generates and shares acts as a single view of train operations. Mistral's coverage is comprehensive and is the only solution that brings allocation / service / on-train and employee apps together in one place.

By making all data available though APIs, it enables TOCs to use any of the data available for any purpose that would benefit. E.g. TOCs use it for their Customer app to show consist and orientation including multiple units as well as vehicle facilities.

For Seat Reservations, Mistral manages the different SRS systems on board Hitachi , CAF and Alstom (Pendolino fleets) and different Automatic Passenger Counts systems including enhancing CCTV and AI on Siemens, Hitachi, CAF, and Alstom. Mistral converts this data into a single API for any downstream system to use. This markedly reduces the cost of on-train systems and changes as all processing is performed in back office.

All FirstGroup TOCs use Mistral to confirm orientation of all trains. This is the only system that can do this.

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