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GPS Gateway

Our GPS gateway takes feeds from multiple on-train GPS sources and converts that location data into train service related information for use by any system requiring a view of real-time train running and speed management.

This data feeds into the Network Rail GPS Gateway for all FirstGroup TOC trains. This single source simplifies the addition of new fleets and allows data to be used for multiple purposes.

GPS Gateway enables multiple GPS data sources at different frequencies of data production to feed into a single gateway (from multiple data records per second to every few seconds). It also records a data point whenever a train stops / starts. Data is then augmented with the train service that that GPS feed is running (processes raw data into useful information).

GPS Gateway is used for multiple purposes from one single gateway including a speed management module to train location (for Sirocco and Zonda) and performance datahub. Its being used to develop “Virtual Berths” that enable a large berth to be split into several which provides greater operational information.

A single feed for all FirstGroup TOCs updates the Network Rail gateway (at a lower data cadence than the Mistral Data gateway) which simplifies Network Rail work. Its also available as an augmented feed to TOC third party providers who would benefit from this data

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